Beis Din of South Florida בית דין צדק דדרום פלארידא
Beis Din of South Florida        בית דין צדק דדרום פלארידא 


Conversion to Judaism requires serious  life changes and must be done with the assistance and guidance of an Orthodox Rabbi.


Although Judaism holds marriage and family sacred, sometimes divorce is the only option. The process of the writing and giving of the Get is done with utmost dignity, respect and adherence to Halacha.

Personal Status

The Beis Din issues internationally recognized documentation confiriming Jewish status and eligibility to marry.



Beis Din of South Florida - Orthodox Divorce, Conversion and Personal Status

Beis Din of South Florida בית דין צדק דדרום פלארידא


The Beis Din of South Florida was established by local Rabbis in Miami, with the encouragement of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, to serve the entire South Florida area. We offer synagogues, Rabbis, and individuals the services of Halachic Geirus - conversion to Judaism,  Get - Jewish divorce, and certification of personal Jewish status.


The Av Beis Din, Rabbi Mendel Senderovic, is a world renowned expert and author of an acclaimed sefer on the laws of marriage and divorce. He officiates in Jewish divorce, conversions, and other personal status services across the United States and Canada. Conversions and divorces performed by the Beis Din of South Florida are fully recognized and accepted by the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, and the broad spectrum of Orthodox Jewish communities throughout North and South America, and Europe.


All proceedings are done with a commitment to the highest standards of Jewish tradition and halacha, along with sensitivity and compassion.


In most cases the Beis Din works together with your personal Rabbi. However, even if one does not have a Rabbi, he/she may contact the Beis Din.


The Beis  Din serves communities all across Florida, and performs Gittin in Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and other cities across the state and beyond.


Parties receive proper documentation necessary to remarry, make Aliya, or to prove their personal status. 

Beis Din of South Florida
3767 Chase Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33140

Located in the Miami Beach Community Kollel

Phone: 786-300-1613



Rabbi Mendel Senderovic

Av Beis Din


Rabbi Berish Braun

Chaver Beis Din


Rabbi Aryeh Citron

Chaver Beis Din


Rabbi Eily Smith

Chaver Beis Din


Rabbi Yekusiel Stern

Menahel, Administrator


Rabbi Zvi Englander

S'gan Menahel L'Gittin


Rabbi Senderovic
Rabbi Braun
Rabbi Citron
Rabbi Smith
Rabbi Stern
Rabbi Englander
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